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"Promoting Electric Mobility in our Cities, a Successful Case of Study"

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​​We work in three potential areas: electric mobility, energy efficiency and renewable energy, but without forgetting any other service that our clients could require.


We offer comprehensive consultancy services with the commitment that our clients will always have the comfort and security of working with a highly qualified team of experts.


We do it from the proximity, as strategic partners because we understand the importance of starting this new project with a firm step.


Let our team get in touch with your organisation.


The use of energy is one of the factors that most affects sustainability and is a potential area to explore from our homes, businesses or public institutions.


We support local, regional and state initiatives to improve efficiency and increase the presence of renewable energy in our environment.


We design, execute and process photovoltaic solar energy installations, deployment of charging stations and energy audits.


Coves Energy Solutions we are committed to a sustainable and responsible model with our environment.