"How long does it take to recharge an Electric Vehicle"

Fast EV Charging Stations

Fast charging stations allow you to charge your electric vehicle battery in less than half an hour.


These are the recommended equipment for locations close to the main routes and roads, allowing to recover quickly the autonomy of the vehicle and continue the trip.


Fast charging stations are usually located in service areas near motorways, specific EV charging stations, public roads, restaurants, hotels, etc.


These charging stations can work using direct current (CHAdeMO connectors, CCS Combo) and alternating current (Mennekes).

Public EV Charging Stations

The public charging stations are suitable for all types of outdoor parking spaces as they are designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions.


This type of charging station has two charging bases, allowing the refueling of two electric vehicles simultaneously.


Each base has an approximate power of 22 kW, allowing to recover a large part of the autonomy of the vehicle in less than two hours.


Its applications extend from squares on public roads, hospitals, large surfaces, gyms, restaurants, companies or parking lots.

Destination EV Charging Stations

These charging stations (wallbox) are specially designed to recharge electric vehicles in work centers and homes.


They are known as slow charging stations or destination charging stations and are used in covered parking lots.


They work on alternating current and can be used for refueling any type of electric vehicle.


Destination charging stations take approximately 8 hours to get back the full autonomy of the electric vehicle.