Consultancy Services

Coves Energy has outstanding credentials in the development and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure schemes in Spain.


Deploying electric vehicle charging stations is a potential business opportunity. If you are looking to get in to the EV market you may wish to apply for incentives to support the economic investment needed to build the charging infrastructure network.


We assist you looking for the right incentive mechanism and we make sure that all project phases meet the requirements of the call.

Design & Engineering

We develop high efficiency charging solutions for electric vehicles; whether they are located on public roads, car parks, fuel stations, hotels, etc.


Coves Energy leads the Spanish EV network development by carrying out due diligences for public and private organisations. Our technical department will design and prepare the project paperwork to get the planning permission approval.


The drawings and designs will be approved by our electrical engineering team, who will be directly responsible to ensure that it complies with the Spanish national standards.

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Get in touch with our team to visit and explore your project. We will inform your organisation about the charging solution that best suits the needs of electric vehicle users in Spain.


In these circumstances, we have assembled a highly experienced team of experts and partners covering the full electric vehicle sector. This expertise includes supply agreements with world-class equipment manufacturers in the EU and the required certifications to deal with DNO’s or public administrations.


Coves Energy offers a strategic partnering relationship to develop EV infrastructure and maximise the economic revenues.

APP Integration

We analyse and monitor EV charging networks in real time to guarantee full availability. Our objective consists on securing the charging productivity of every charging station that our company manage.


Our company identifies the key points to ensure that all the equipment used in our projects complies with current legislation and offers interoperability guarantees with the main European platforms. Coves Energy charging projects are integrated into the multiplatform system.


Our team will carry out a specific due diligence to suggest your organisation with the EV charging methodology target range.

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Operation & Maintenance

Coves Energy provides operation and maintenance (O&M’s) services to electric vehicle charging funds and project developers.


We monitor the operation of the charging facilities in real time, ensuring the total availability of the equipment installed by our company.



Our support service will be responsible for advising clients with questions or unforeseen. Any electric vehicle user can write, call or request support during the charging process using our multiple telematic channels.


Our service is full, easy and fast!